Weekend Review

May 12th, 2008 | 14:59

I had a pretty fun weekend, even though Kathleen went to Albany for Mothers’ Day. I played a TON of GTA IV. I helped Brian and Leah move into their new place in Decatur. Played a ton more GTA. And then went down to Newnan for dinner at my brother and Brooke’s with my parents and Kathleen on Sunday.

Oh… and on Friday, my new phone came. So I’m not in the dark ages anymore…

Blackberry Pearl

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7 Responses to “Weekend Review”

  1. a180

    now you can figure out gmail spam filtering IMAP and POP on blackberry…oh and help me figure it out too! i have it down for the most part but some things still confuse me…

  2. Tim Pilkinton

    My English teacher, Mr. Walburn, would of liked to seen you. What a jerk.

  3. Christopher

    Well Tim, it sounds like you should spend more time with your head your English book instead of in the internets.

  4. Boz Scaggs

    The Boz kicked ass at trivia and you weren’t even there to be a winner. I think Tim has it right. What a jerk. Plus, you could have played extreme croquet.

  5. Kathleen

    Were we invited to trivia and I wasn’t told?

  6. Christopher

    Don’t look at me, I wasn’t told either…

  7. Tim Pilkinton

    Mr. Walburn told us the other day in class that you and Kathy are always invited to Trivia. Don’t be a jerk.

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