William Gibson book tour

September 17th, 2010 | 22:14

William Gibson, one of my favorite authors, recently came to Atlanta on a book tour for his latest book Zero History. I ended up getting two books signed, because they said you had to buy the book there, so I had that one, plus the one I had already bought and brought with me. Oh well.

Gibson’s work has been a big part of developing my enthusiasm in reading over last few years. I hadn’t been much of a reader as I was never introduced or made to read anything of any interest in high school or college.  Kathleen and I decided to start a book club in late 2007, and since I have read every Gibson novel to date, except for this newest addition, Zero History (it’s in the queue), and dozens and dozens of other books.

TMTech Dashboard Site

September 14th, 2010 | 20:54

I made a dashboard site for my work. It started out as a way to pull info in from all of our Quality Center databases, so we could browse the projects and see the overall status without logging in and using up a license. Eventually a few more features were added, such as a the ability to modify the info, a report generator, project schedules, tie-in to the Client Support Site that I also built, and a wiki.

Home page overall view

All of the charts, graphs, and schedules are generated using the Google Charts API.

Product page example

Report Creation Page

Example of Info Pop-up